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Images - typical use of solar panels in Syria
Images - typical use of solar panels in Syria

ACN UK has been asked to help with funds to complete projects with a big impact.

Could you, your parish, school or group help crowdfund this month’s project to meet its 31st July 2023 deadline? We will be able to keep you up to date with developments.

Syria:  Solar Panel system for a school (675 students and 67 employees) in Hama, Syria

Funding needed:  £12,810 


Testimony from the Head Teacher:

“Since the war, Syria’s economy and national currency is in free fall alongside constantly rising fuel prices and lack of electricity.

To make up for patchy electricity supply, schools and homes in Syria use generators but even this is not enough to make up the shortfall.

A typical Secondary school in Syria

Education is vital to help children meet their potential and have any hope of having a future and, despite a desire to keep up standards in learning, schools are struggling daily to keep functioning. They need a continuous supply of electricity for lighting, photocopiers, computers, Active boards, overhead projectors, sound system, fan operation during the hot season and a host of other things.

“Until now, the school has operated with the help of two generators as emergency back-up, which are expensive to maintain. But even support from generators has proved ineffective for a number of reasons –including lack of capacity to cover all the school’s needs: for example, if we want to light the classrooms, we can’t run the printer or the photocopier. the photocopies will be made after the class has finished.”

Sr Victoria Mourad – School of the Sisters of the Two Sacred Hearts, Hama, Syria

Compromises have to be made if they organise an event at school and need to use the sound system or overhead projector.

Other factors that impact on access to electricity is the lack of a monthly subscription system for a generator close to the school, constantly rising fuel prices and fuel shortages on the local market.

For this reason, In view of this situation, and following consultation with technicians, the school would like to install a solar panel system. as the most effective and environmentally impactful solution in the long term.

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