Now Iraq’s Christians can start to go home

Christians in Iraq are in urgent need after years of suffering at the hands of the extremist group Daesh (ISIS)

Chaldean priest Fr Steven Azabod surveys the devastation in Batnaya, a once flourishing town on the Nineveh Plains. Werenfried village Ankawa, erbil, IRAQ Pictures of Nineveh Plane and Mosul camp after liberation from ISIS Destruction made by ISIS of the Christian villages in the Nineveh Plains	s ACN-20160622-42756 (1)
Chaldean priest Fr Steven Azabod surveys the devastation in Batnaya, a once flourishing town on the Nineveh Plains.

Three long years after being forced out of their towns and villages by extremist group Daesh (ISIS) – thousands upon thousands of Christians now have the long awaited chance to begin their return
back to their beloved homes in the Nineveh Plains.

The very fact that they have the chance to return home is because Aid to the Church in Need, with our benefactors, have sustained them in every way with essential food, medicine and shelter, while living as a displaced community in Kurdish northern Iraq. They will need our prayers and commitment even more in the coming months – as the road back to the Nineveh Plains will be fraught with difficulties and hugely dependent on security and the funds to rebuild.

For this reason, Chaldean Archbishop Bashar Warda of Erbil, Iraq visited the UK in May to highlight the plight of his people and met with senior government officials and Church leaders including Cardinal Vincent Nichols of Westminster and Bishop Hugh Gilbert of Aberdeen. The purpose of his trip was twofold – to spell out the urgent need for ongoing emergency aid for more than 100,000
displaced people and to raise funds for the rebuilding of 13,000 Christian houses in the Nineveh Plains.

During his visit, Archbishop Warda extended his heartfelt thanks to you, the benefactors of Aid to the Church in Need, for all your kindness over the years. He said: “Thank you very much for the help you have given us, to our brothers and sisters in Mosul and the Nineveh Plains. Because of your help, we still have Christians in Iraq…” The rebuilding project is a huge undertaking and ACN’s Middle East expert Fr Andrzej Halemba believes that this important work is necessary if Christians are to remain in the country.

He said: “This is a decisive historical moment. If we now miss the opportunity to help the Christians return to their homes on the Plains of Nineveh, these families might well decide to leave Iraq forever…”+


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Aid to the Church in Need is the only Charity supporting thousands of Iraqi families in urgent need.
Every month it costs over £500,000 to feed displaced families in Erbil alone.Please help us support those displaced and those returning returning to rebuild their lives.

Your kind gift of any amount will support our work helping Christians in Iraq.

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