The Church Under Attack

The people of Nigeria, particularly the Diocese of Maiduguri have endured some of the worst atrocities.

Their churches desecrated; their loved ones slaughtered – and not to mention the women, girls and young men who have been kidnapped or forced into suicide missions.

There are still around 120 Chibok schoolgirls being held in captivity and their whereabouts are unknown.

But it is not just Boko Haram which is causing misery for Nigeria’s Christians – nomadic local Fulani tribesmen are attacking towns and villages, and on the back page young seminarian Michael Abrak recounts how his home town was devastated by them.

Problems like these facing the African Church explain why in 2016 around 27.5 percent of ACN’s help went to the Church in Africa, where there has been a growth in aggressive Islamism – and not just in Nigeria but also in Kenya, Tanzania and even Madagascar.

Christians have found shelter from Boko Haram in this displacement camp in Maiduguri, northern Nigeria <p><font size="4">Nigeria: Helping the Suffering Church in Nigeria</font></p> Those forced out of their homes by Boko Haram are also being cared for at St James Church, Yola. The Church is providing aid for those who have been driven out of their homes by extremists.
Christians have found shelter from Boko Haram in this displacement camp in Maiduguri, northern Nigeria


“Your solidarity visit gives us hope and courage.”

Archbishop Matthew Man-Oso Ndgoso

Archbishop Matthew Man-Oso Ndgoso of Kaduna said: “Your solidarity visit gives us hope and courage. “We are immensely indebted to all of you who took the risk to come and show concrete solidarity with us. Please be assured of our continued spiritual support and cooperation in your commitment to help the Church in need wherever she exists.”

Boko Haram’s Campaign of Terror

  • 200 churches and Mass stations destroyed
  • 26 million people affected
  • 1.8 million displaceD in Borno State alone
  • 5,000 widows and 15,000 orphans in Maiduguri

How You Can Help

Aid to the Church in Need is working with Church partners in northern Nigeria to offer pastoral help for victims of atrocities, trauma counselling, developing inter-faith cooperation and teaching catechists.

Your donation (no matter how big or small) is helping to keeping the faith alive in Nigeria.

Video: Thank you to Aid to the Church in Need


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