It's now or never... Please help Iraqi Christians urgently wanting to go back to their homelands.

Thousands upon thousands of displaced Christians in Syria and Iraq owe their lives to Aid to the Church in Need - providing emergency aid for our brothers and sisters in great need.

Your generosity is changing lives across the Middle East – An ACN funded Christian refugee camp Erbil, Iraq.

Displaced communities in Erbil and elsewhere in Kurdish northern Iraq have been totally dependent on you, their brothers and sisters in Christ – Bishops and faithful alike are encouraged by the recent successes against Daesh in Mosul.

Thanking Aid to the Church in Need, Syriac Catholic Archbishop Petros Mouche of Mosul, whose flock make up 60 percent of the displaced community, said: “I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to the benefactors of ACN – your presence is always felt among us.

“These are your Christian brothers and sisters in Iraq who are in extreme need – so help them to stay and build a future again in this region…” – Archbishop Amel Nona, Iraq

For displaced Iraqi Christians forced from their homes and living in displacement camps, the moment they have been longing for has finally come. After nearly three years, Islamist terror group Daesh (ISIS) has been driven out of the area.

Now, thousands upon thousands of people have the chance to go back to the Nineveh Plains – their families’ homeland since before the time of Christ. But the task of repair and renovation is huge and Aid to the Church in Need – the largest contributor of emergency help since their escape from Nineveh – is determined to continue to stand with them.

With your help, we can fulfill two key objectives.

  • Restore thousands of homes devastated by Daesh, a vital step to enable the families to go back.
  • Continue providing emergency aid – food, shelter, medicine and schooling – for those awaiting resettlement.

“With your help, we will be able to rebuild our houses. It is a great mercy to know that we can count on your support.”

In Syria, with your help, Sister Annie and her volunteers in the cities of Aleppo and Hassake are continuing to provide emergency food, shelter and medicine for 2,200 Christian families – the poor, the disabled and the elderly – men, women and children who have been living through the horrors of war.

“I thank Jesus for you, the friends of Aid to the Church in Need. You are bringing hope to us all in Syria.”  Sister Annie Demerjian.

Sister Annie’s programme is one of more than 30 projects paid out by ACN over the past few months – and it comes amid amazing reports that Christians and others are now beginning to return to Aleppo and elsewhere in Syria.

Other ACN projects in Aleppo include repairs to the bomb-damaged Al-Yarmouk Youth Sports Centre in Azizieh a mainly Christian district. The centre’s coordinator, Kevork Mavian, said: “To be able to continue with these sports activities in complete security is a source of joy and new hope for us all and an encouragement in our faith.”

In another part of Azizieh, ACN is helping with the basic running costs of Our Lady’s Secondary School and the Lord’s Care Orphanage. The school was bombed three times but now the fighting has stopped 200 girls are back at their desks. Sister Yvone Yousef Bahdi, who helps run the school, said: “We had difficulties lighting the children’s classrooms.

“We are continuing the educational process in order to nurture a generation which believes in Christian morality and good citizenship. Thank you for your care and all thanks to your noble benefactors.” – Sister Yvone Yousef Bahdi


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