Fundraise for ACN

& other ways of supporting us

Will you take up the challenge of helping to sustain the faith of millions of persecuted and suffering Christians around the world?

Getting involved in a fundraising project is a great way of going the extra mile to show your solidarity with our brothers and sisters around the world – and getting your family and friends involved in our work too!


Change a life today by fundraising. Please see our pack for an A-Z of fundraising ideas, a sponsor form, Aid to the Church in Need information leaflets and a poster.

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If you are unsure of what ways you can fundraise for ACN, be inspired by our ‘Heroes of Fundraising’ who have supported us in exciting and challenging ways!

Father Martin and his wife have kindly asked their friends and family to donate to Aid to the Church in Need instead of giving them gifts for their Golden Wedding anniversary.

“Why not focus the whole celebration on Aid to the Church in Need, and especially on it’s work helping rebuild the lives of Syrian Christians, and their churches, that were so badly damaged during the war there… this way people who are really in need can be helped by those of us who have everything we need already” – Fr Martin

Their anniversary is celebrated on 24th August and a special Mass was held the day after to celebrate.

Livia Tossici-Bolt trekked to the Everest base camp and raised over £1000 to help a Syrian family!
Whilst on the trek, Dr Tossici-Bolt recited a decade of the rosary and the Our Father every day as well as thinking about those who are suffering and the individuals that continue to work with persecuted Christians. It was an amazing achievement and we are delighted that Dr Tossici-Bolt supported this vital aid effort.

Father Robbie abseiled the National Lift Tower to help our suffering brothers and sisters in Syria!
Father Robbie raised over £5,000 abseiling the 418 foot tower dressed as Spiderman in support of ACN. We cannot thank him enough for all his hard work and dedication in fundraising such a fantastic amount!

St Clare’s Parish in Fulwood are aiming to raise £20,000 for ACN!
They have a done a variety of events including donations at Lenten Lunches, sponsored overnight sleep over and are completing a virtual journey to Aleppo, Syria, supporting displaced families in Syria! We cannot thank St Clare’s enough for all their hard work!

St Joseph’s Matlock in Derbyshire have raised over £22,000 for ACN!
Through several fundraising events such as a children’s bicycle ride and a pea and pie event! We cannot thank St Joseph’s enough for their fantastic work and helping to support persecuted Christians around the world.

Corinna Turner took part in the Manchester Rough Runner 10k race for ACN and Good Counsel Network!
Corinna braved 40mph winds and heavy rain to complete an obstacle course, raising more than £400 for ACN. As part of a team of six they went through water hazards, zip-line obstacles and managed a trapeze, working together to reach the finish line!



Is your company looking for a charity partner? As a charity working around the world, we have a range of projects including:

  • Projects that promote and enhance the Faith
  • Projects that have a strong humanitarian emphasis – especially in countries such as Syria
  • Projects offering medical support to the wider community
  • Inter-faith projects which emphasise dialogue and co-operation

If you would like us to be your charity of the year, we would be delighted to discuss your ideas with you – please contact us 


We recognise and value all gifts made to us including large gifts which give us confidence to fund large-scale project requests. Many companies who make substantial gifts are happy to let us decide how best to use their gift. Others like to work closely with us to identify a project that suits their vision and to receive updates when they are available.


Your company might choose to make individual contributions or support us through their company charitable foundations. Your employer might make provision for Aid to the Church in Need through their employee PAYE: Pay As You Earn scheme or support your fundraising efforts through matched giving, matching the money raised by their staff members. You or your company can contact us to find out more about these options.


Ways you can give tax-efficiently as an individual include making a Gift Aid declaration for your donations, giving through a company Payroll Giving scheme, making a donation of shares or assets such as property, or leaving gifts in your Will.

Tax-efficient giving for companies includes gifts of land, buildings or shares, gifts of company equipment, trading stock or staff help, and sponsorship. These can attract benefits in the areas of Corporation Tax and Capital Gains Tax.

Please contact HMRC or a Tax specialist if you have any queries about making a tax-efficient gift.


Have your company vehicles reached the end of the road? With the award-winning company Giveacar, you can not only take care of a problem but also help the suffering Church at the same time.

Visit or phone Giveacar on 020 7736 4242 quoting Aid to the Church in Need to arrange collection of your old car, motorbike, van, ride-on lawnmower or farm machinery, at no cost to you. Depending on its age and condition, they will recycle it at an Authorised Treatment Facility or send it to auction.

Scrap donations raise about £100 (depending on the price of metal) while auction cars can raise much more. You can choose to give all or half of the scrap/auction values of the vehicle (minus administrations costs) to Aid to the Church in Need and Giveacar will handle all the paperwork.

We are very grateful to all our benefactors who have chosen to support us in this way so far!


We greatly value gifts from trusts and foundations – large or small!

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested in supporting different aspects of our work.

These include:

  • Promotion of Christianity
  • Support for priests, seminarians and Sisters
  • Evangelisation, media and Bible outreach
  • Construction projects – cathedrals, churches and chapels
  • Transport projects
  • Education and theological formation projects
  • Christian causes and work
  • Emergency aid

We also make targeted applications for funding towards key projects worldwide.

To meet our own needs here in the UK, we welcome support for the following areas of our work:

  • Growing our regional and volunteer structure and all the practical and material needs associated with such growth
  • Developing a range of educational resources for schools and parishes
  • Developing an in-house multi-media studio to enable us to make the most of visits from guests from the persecuted Church, for website and social media purposes
  • Sponsorship for national Witness events, meetings and conferences

If you would like to support a particular project that Aid to the Church in Need supports or would like more information about our projects around the world, please email Christine Kennedy.


Throughout the country we have Area Secretaries who would love to visit your parish or group to talk about the Christians suffering around the world, and how Aid to the Church in Need is helping those in need.

Find your local Area Secretary.