Fundraising for Us

& other ways of supporting our work

Will you take up the challenge of helping to sustain the faith of millions of persecuted and suffering Christians around the world?

Getting involved in a fundraising project is a great way of going the extra mile to show your solidarity with our brothers and sisters around the world – and getting your family and friends involved in our work too!


Change a life today by fundraising. See our pack for ideas, posters and sponsor forms.

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Facebook is a great way to advertise your fundraiser. Facebook donates 100% of the money raised straight to ACN, unlike JustGiving and similar platforms who take a small percentage. Simply go onto ACN’s Facebook, click “fundraisers”, and then “raise money”.

Perhaps your birthday is coming up, why don’t you do something really special this year and share your birthday with ACN?


Rehman Chishti MP

Ask your loved ones to donate to ACN instead of giving gifts and be assured that your birthday will be helping to transform the lives of Christians around the world.

Take up the challenge to support ACN’s work around the world. Checkout our Fundraising Challenges and don’t fort download your Fundraising Pack.