ACN Benefactors’ Day 2021

Please join us in thanks and prayer for our special ACN Benefactors’ Day on 11th June

 They are praying for you!

ACN’s Benefactors’ Day – 11th June 2021 –  is a special day dedicated to you – our dear friends, the friends of suffering Christians. For you are the people of God who enable us to carry out our work. This is a day to thank you in prayer, with Masses and with much love from around the world. Thank you!

How can you help us mark the day?

Watch the messages sent for you, from project partners around the world; join us for Holy Mass today; send us your own message to commemorate this special day; see more messages on social media (see details at the foot of the page).
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A message from Neville Kyrke-Smith, ACN National Director

We chose this day because The Feast of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus recalls Christ’s infinite love for us and without Christ, our work would be impossible. But we also want this day to commemorate that without you, our benefactors, our work would not be possible; your generosity has its source and its strength in the imitation of the Merciful Love of the Heart of God. This love is likewise at the very heart of ACN, since love of God and love of neighbour are inseparable. The pierced Heart of the Redeemer reveals to us that God is pure Love and Mercy. Whoever shows mercy, therefore, imitates God in his greatest attribute.

Gratitude is an aspect of love and draws down God’s gifts of grace upon us. So even though most of you prefer to remain quietly in the shadows and have no expectation of any special thanks, it is nonetheless very important for us and our suffering and needy brothers and sisters to express our gratitude to you in this very personal way. They are praying for you – for those dear to you, for your own needs at this time – and for God’s blessing to be upon you and his love to sustain you in faith, hope and charity.

Thanks to you, we are able to work in over 139 countries around the world. In 2020, we supported 4,758 projects – none of this would be possible without you.

On this wonderful day of the outpouring of love: thousands of bishops and priests throughout the world will be offering up the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass especially for you, dear friends and benefactors; a great throng of religious sisters, seminarians, novices, catechists, parishes, families and individual Christians will be offering up prayers for you. Their thanks will rise to heaven from those whose sufferings you have helped to ease. You are not forgotten – they are praying for you!