How to Light up your Church for Red Wednesday


Is your church or building already floodlit?
If the answer is yes, lighting up Red for #RedWednesday should be fairly straightforward, with the assistance of the person who manages the lighting.

Pick a Colour

Find a company online who stock colour filters. You can search online for: high temperature lighting gels.

Alernatively, White Light, the company who are lit up Westminster Cathedral last year, can help. First – select a deep red colour of your choice from a company they work with:

Purchase the Filter

With the correct colour reference, purchase a roll of gel from White Light SALES: 020 8254 4840. If you can tell them how many lights and roughly the sizes, they can advise on how much you will need.

Fitting the Gel

1. Cut the gel filter to the size of the light
2. For external lighting (as opposed to theatrical lighting), slide off the external plate of the floodlight and position the gel underneath. This should hold in position when the external plate slides back into position.
3. If in doubt, tape the filter beneath the outer plate or in worst case, on top of the plate.
4. All of the above should be sufficient for night time use for up to a month – and perhaps longer

How long should I light up for?

To create maximum visual impact, we are asking people to light up their churches and buildings red on Wednesday 28th November. Some parishes choose to light up for the whole month of November and others will light at the beginning of November and will make 28th November their last day – to tie in with #RedWednesday. Simply choose what works for you.