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The Price to Pay

The Price to Pay


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In many countries around the world, it takes courage to be Christian today. We have chosen our inspirational Year of Faith book selection to tell the moving, yet hard-hitting and, at times, heroic stories of personal faith put to the test. These books are gripping and triumphant witnesses to faith.

The powerful and dramatic true story of Joseph Fadelle’s conversion to Christianity. An Iraqi Muslim, he risks  everything – family, friends, his inheritance and home, and even his life – in order to follow Christ. In this poignant, personal narrative Fadelle charts how his growing love for God impels him to leave everything he knows despite the, at times, horrific consequences. This book is an inspirational tale of conversion and faith and a fascinating and troubling insight into the plight of Christians in a hostile environment. Hardback
224 pages
20.5cm x 13.5cm (8" x 5¼")

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