Take on the 50 Mile Challenge, for the thousands of Christians forced to leave their homes

On 6th August 2014, the Plain of Nineveh, Iraq, was overran by ISIS forces. It was estimated that a total of 120,000 Christians fled their homes because of the violence, an exodus of apocalyptic proportions. It is believed each displaced Christian walked an average of 50 miles in order to reach safety, near Mosul.

We are asking you to walk in the shoes of those people, faced with such horror walking so far carrying whatever belongings they could hold.

Will you take up this challenge?

The 50 Mile Challenge can be attempted by a class, a group or an individual. Get sponsored to walk, run, row, swim or cycle and raise funds to help support displaced Christians in Iraq, and around the world.

Let us know if you, your school, friends or your parish are taking up this challenge by using #50MileChallenge on social media.

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