Go to Mass (Secondary School)

Tens of thousands priests around the world need your prayers and support.
They are called to lead; they are called to console; they are called to suffer.  Each brings his own special talents to his ministry and each contributes beyond measure to the spiritual and material well-being of those in his care.

You can use our map to learn more about some extraordinary priests with some very special gifts; simply click on a country to view their stories.

Please support struggling priests around the world by remembering them in your prayers and by offering Mass stipends so that they can look after others without worrying about their own needs.

Let us know if you go to Mass and remember them in your prayers by using the hashtags #Go2Mass and #MakeHisDay on Social Media.

Go to Mass Resources

The resources consist of two six lesson General/Core RE courses. Presentations and all supporting materials are available for download below.


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