Go to Mass for Someone Who Can’t

Will you go to one extra Mass and offer it for a persecuted Christian?

There is nothing so great, as the Eucharist! Put all the good works in the world against one good Communion; they will be like a grain of dust beside a mountain.” – St John Vianney

Aid to the Church in Need is asking every Catholic to make the small sacrifice of going to one extra Mass to pray for one of the 200 million Christians who are facing the threat of persecution for their faith and even risking death to receive Jesus in The Eucharist. It is time for us to re-discover that “most powerful force in human history is prayer joined to sacrifice.” – St Pope John Paul II.

Imagine the immense power of our prayers offered for our persecuted brothers and sisters in the Body of Christ, imagine how we can renew our faith in the power of the Eucharist which where “violence is transformed into love, and death into life …” – Pope Benedict XVI.

This simple campaign is about interceding for those suffering injustice, assault, kidnap, forced conversion, torture and death and answering Pope Francis’ call to pray for the persecuted when he reminded us that, “Today there are more [martyrs] than in the first ages – but the media says nothing about them, because it’s not news.”


You can support priests bringing Christ to the faithful by offering a Mass.



How to Get Involved

  • Go to a Mass you wouldn’t normally go to. If you already go on Sundays go to an extra Mass in the week. If you don’t go on a Sunday, go then.
  • Offer the Mass for all persecuted Christians/a particular person being persecuted/a country e.g. North Korea, Syria, Nigeria etc.
  • Share your #Go2Mass post – Take a selfie outside the Church and share your post using #Go2Mass

Bring hope to the persecuted Church with trust in the transforming love of Jesus, which through the Eucharist is an “intimate explosion of good conquering evil [that] can then trigger off the series of transformations that little by little will change the world.” Be part of this wave of prayer and make the ‘Go to Mass for Someone Who Can’t’ the real news of Jesus’ victory of love over hate.

Go to Mass Resources

The resources consist of two six lesson General/Core RE courses. Presentations and all supporting materials are available for download below.

Notes for Teachers / Educators ⇓

Lesson 1A: Choosing Right
Lesson 2A: My Reality
Lesson 3A: True or False
Lesson4A: Knowing God
Lesson 5A: Building a Wall
Lesson 6A: Response

Resources and supporting material for Lessons 1-6A


Lesson 1B: Right to Rights
Lesson 2B: The Reality
Lesson 3B: True Life, False Ideas
Lesson 4B: Knowing God’s Children
Lesson 5B: Response
Lesson 6b: #Go2Mass

Resources and supporting material for Lessons 1-3B
Resources and supporting material for Lessons 4-6B