Maisy Milk Rosary for Peace

A fun, educational and prayerful tool for children and teachers to use together. Perfect for schools, parishes, youth groups and families.

Maisy invites Schools and Parishes to join the ACN Scottish office praying one decade of the Rosary every day for one week in May, asking for Our Lady’s intercession and protection on behalf of Syrian families and Nigerian widows and orphans.

May is the month when Catholics traditionally honour the Virgin Mary as the Mother of Jesus.
The practice dates back at least 700 years and is still observed around the world today. Our Rosary Week begins on the Feast of Our Lady of Fatima as ACN was consecrated to Our Lady of Fatima by our founder, Father Werenfried van Straaten, in 1967.

On this page you will find notes for teachers, activities and worksheets for students and a PowerPoint presentation. Why not download our Rosary reflections and pray as a class or whole school in assembly?

Every school that pledges their decades on the form below will get 100 free rosaries!

You could organise a May Crowning Procession. This May download our template and give each of your students the opportunity to crown Mary with a beautiful handmade wreath. The crown, which adorns the statue of our Blessed Mother throughout the month serves as a visible reminder of her closeness and an incentive to turn to her in trust.

Pledge your decades in the form below and you will go onto our map at the bottom of the page, a great resource showing the power of prayer, perfect to use in a school!

These resources give your students the opportunity to explore reflections and prayer as well as access their creativity. 

Maisy Milk Rosary Pledge

  • Example: "Our school pledge is 1,500 decades of the rosary, We will also hold a May Crowning Procession on Wednesday 15th May." If you school has 300 children saying 5 decades during Rosary week that equals 1,500 decade pledge (300x5=1,500 decades)