ACN Scotland walk in the footsteps of St. Margaret of Scotland for Lebanon

On the feast of St. Margaret of Scotland (16th November 2021), staff from the ACN Office in Scotland walked in the footsteps of St Margaret (1045-16th Nov 1093). Our second leg of the walk will be on 17th May. We will be praying for our benefactors and the suffering and persecuted Church.

St Margaret was much loved by her Scottish people. She led a life of prayer, charity and fasting. Margaret was known for feeding, serving and giving alms to the poor and was famous for giving away her cloak or another piece of clothing to women that she met along the way and whom she believed needed it more than her.

Her Charity and goodness has inspired the staff and friends of the ACN office in Scotland to carry out a sponsored walk and raise funds for two ACN projects that reflect her actions: ‘Widows and Orphans in Nigeria’  and Feeding Families at the ‘St John the Merciful Table’ in Lebanon.

£60 goes towards feeding and clothing orphans who have lost their parent at the hands of Boko Haram.

£60 feeds a family at the St John the Merciful Table in Lebanon that feed up to 1,600 people every single day of the year.

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In the true generosity of St Margaret, please help us to help them!