Walk of Witness

This year we are inviting you to take part in our Walk of Witness.

Gather at and depart from:
Church of the Annunciation

The Walk of Witness will make its way down Oxford street and later return to the Church of the Annunciation for refreshments. The procession is a time to raise awareness for Christians who are being persecuted, and living in oppression, around the world. It is a time for us to unite, stand in solidarity with our brothers and sisters and show the world that the persecution people face, because of their Faith, is not acceptable.

It is our hope that you will join us for this Walk of Witness, and wear a red item of clothing to signify that it is Time to See Red and stand up for those who are suffering.

Please share this event with your friends and family on social media and tweet us @acn_uk to let us know if you are taking part!

There is also going to be a Walk of Witness happening on Sunday 25th November in Manchester. Details for this will follow shortly.