Father Andrew Ebrahim

The plight of Christians is not something that is given any priority in our media today, and I feel that if I had been born in another country, I could be experiencing the persecution faced by so many of my Christian brothers and sisters. ACN speaks up for these Christians in a way that the general media do not. It is vital that those persecuted for their faith in Christ are not forgotten and that their oppressors realise that their injustices have not gone unnoticed.

Young people have a very keen sense of justice and, here at SJBC, our students have been gripped by some of the terrible injustices that have been inflicted on Christians around the world. ACN have made it very easy for us to fundraise on #RedWednesday so that when we finally meet our Maker, He will say to us, when I was persecuted, you came to My aid. – Father Andrew Ebrahim, St John Bosco College, ACN Benefactors’ Day 2021