Messages from our benefactors

We really appreciate and are moved by the information and feedback provided on your website. The news updates are great and provide truthful information on the agonies and challenges for the Church on the ground. Anne & Patrick Martin

I support ACN because I look at your newsletters and I am so impressed with what you do. I see all the suffering people and causes that you help and it is quite depressing to read of “man’s inhumanity to man” But then I look at what you are doing and that fills me with hope. Anthony

I support Aid to the Church in Need because it is such a vital charity for Christians. Our brothers and sister throughout the world are not separate from us, they are part of us. As such we share their sufferings and joys, and try to support each other when and where it is needed. “We, though many, are one body in Christ, and individually members one of another” Romans 12:5. Recently I have been deeply affected by the plight of the young girls in Pakistan who have been kidnapped, raped, forced to marry and convert to Islam. Aid to the Church in Need does vital work in many different countries, but for me the situation of these young children has highlighted the crucial work of ACN. It is thanks to the supporters that they can reach out and do this, so please allow me to thank you on behalf of those who cannot at present thank you themselves. – Sister Walburga, OSB, Minster Abbey, UK.

I was moved to become an ACN Parish Representative and fundraiser after I heard a talk about the plight of Christians in the Middle East. That ancient Christian heartland where our faith first blossomed had become a place where Christians lived in fear of persecution. ACN seemed to be the only organisation that focused directly on this need in a focused and practical way. We keep the parish and other local faith communities informed and updated about ACN efforts, emphasising that those who persecute don’t usually bother about the religious detail of whom they are persecuting. The message is always: all Christians are important and everything helps. – Suze Mathews, Parish Representative, St Teresa’s Church, Charlbury.

We started supporting ACN when we were first married, 50 years ago – so we have grown up with it and grown old with it. What attracted us then, and still attracts us now is the fact that it’s a work of evangelization as well as aid. Also the fact that it is thoroughly OF the church. Because I’m a Catholic, I know how important it is to proclaim the true church of Christ through works of mercy and material help. Christians who are subject to persecution have a special call on our generosity. – Mr and Mrs Baker, Ross-on-Wye.

We are happy to support this charity because, although it is Catholic based, will help any homeless, destitute and persecuted person or groups who genuinely seek peace and security. It has no favourites. Mass stipends to poor Priests and those living in troubled areas needing support is an excellent idea. – Mary and Geoff, Lancashire.

What does ACN mean to me personally? Being able to relate to global Christians (especially the persecuted church.) Your autumn events with religious and laity giving witness to faith. Having met some wonderful and life long  friends on your pilgrimages’. The countries we have visited and their people that we hold in our hearts i.e. the people of Lebanon. The persecuted countries that have touched me the most include Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, Nigeria, Iran, China of course, and North Korea. – Elizabeth Duncan Meyer, Parish Representative, St Thomas of Canterbury, Fulham.

Christians need to stand up and be counted. No more toleration of these persecutions, we must stand with our brothers and sisters in Faith who are suffering simply for their belief in Jesus, and we, who have the freedom to practise our Faith, stand and look on. Wake up people’s inert consciences. Bring these persecutions right into the public arena! Anji – ACN #RedWednesday Champion