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Your purchases will allow ACN to support the suffering Church around the world.

Faith in the Home_

Laser Engraved Votive Holder

A laser engraved 3 dimensional votive light with beveled edges showing the nativity scene Read More

This item is not available at this time due to pending orders. Check back in 22 hours to see if items become available.

£12.99Read more

In Loving Memory Angel

Remember a loved one with this stone finish resin' In Loving Memory Angel'. Place on a grave or in a favourite place in the garden, where you can offer your prayers in peace. Read More

5 in stock

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Praying Angel Statue

This large praying angel statue, made from resin with a stone finish, is perfect to use in your own quiet spot of the garden or to place next a gravestone. Read More

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Holy Family Water Font

Keep alive the family tradition of 'blessing yourself' by using this beautiful white resin Holy Family Water Font as you leave and return home. A 'must' for personal prayer. Comes with a free small water bottle, to fill up on your trips to church. Read More

40 in stock

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