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Imad’s Syrian Kitchen

Alongside ninety easy and delicious traditional and adapted Syrian recipes, Imad will share the unforgettable details of how he fled from Syria and fled to London as a refugee. Imad now runs an acclaimed restaurant in London, which was named GQ's 'Best Breakthrough Restaurant 2022' and a Sunday Times best seller 2023 Read More

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John Bradburne – Soldier, Poet, Pilgrim

The life of John Bradburne reflects a struggle familiar to many people today: if you want to find God you need to search. Bradburne’s search, his life’s pilgrimage, took him from his birthplace in Cumbria through India, Malaya, and Burma Read More

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St Mark the Evangelist

St Mark the Evangelist, the work of love and dedication of Serena Fass, is an exquisitely illustrated record that brings to life the rich history, witness and ministry of Saint Mark and the Coptic Church. Read More

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Neither Bomb Nor Bullet

In the warzone that Nigeria has become, Archbishop Ben Kwashi has survived three assassination attempts. A brutal assault on his wife, Gloria, drove him to his knees – to forgive and find the strength to press on. Islamist militants have Nigeria in their sights. Read More

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Saints of Asia

Saints of Asia

The stories of numerous Asian saints and martyrs such as St Andrew Dung Lac an Tran and St Paul Miki S. Read More

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A little biography of this intelligent, modest, joyful Pope from the humblest origins who in his short papacy inaugurated the most significant event in Church life for centuries, the second Vatican Council. Read More

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A Year with Pope Francis on The Family

This pocket-sized volume contains a treasure of reflections and quotations primarily on the family and family life for each day of the year, taken from the writings and talks of Pope Francis. Read More

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Online with Saints

Online with Saints offers a virtual encounter with 100+ Saints from all around the world. Download the free online with Saints app and make the book interactive, allowing the Saints to tell you about their lives for themselves from their social media profiles. Read More

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