ACN UK Annual Report 2018

Aleppo, Syria. 2017.
Aleppo, Syria. 2017.

Thanks to your generosity we were once again able last year to fulfil our mission and support over 5,000 projects internationally.

The publication of the most recent Religious Freedom in the World report has prompted media interest as never before, and inspired interest and real concern in many different countries.

Pope Francis constantly reminds us that we can all be “Artisans of peace”.

Our contribution here consists in praying for one another, informing people about the situation of our persecuted brothers and sisters, and giving practical help.

We are quite certain that the combined efforts of you, our generous benefactors, along with our own committed staff and coworkers, together ultimately serve the cause of peace. But peace does not just mean the absence of war, but the peace that God alone can give us, and which has been the constant theme of the Scriptures during the Easter season.

Rest assured, we are determined to continue our mission as a pastoral charity at the service of peace and will indeed do so, with your help!

A PDF can be downloaded below and full figures can be found on the Charity Commission website.