Syria: A Survivor’s Story

Young refugee, an unofficial camp for refugees in Zahle, Lebanon, 2016
Young refugee, an unofficial camp for refugees in Zahle, Lebanon, 2016

A young woman tells her story..

I am from Maaloula in Syria. My lovely village has been destroyed and burned by Daesh and Al Nusra.

They told us that we had to leave Maaloula or they would kill us and the other Christians there – so we left everything behind and we ran away.

My family’s loss is less than others’ who lost everything and now have nothing to live on. My family, like a lot of other Christian families from Maaloula, is now safe, but life is very hard. We ask Christians in the West to pray for us and to help us to live. Even a small thing from you will  make a big difference to us – it will help us to live.

I am going back to Syria. All of my family are still there and we all have faith that one day it will be better. Syria is our home.

My dream is to let the world hear my voice so that I can help this little place. People in Maaloula need help – many need medication because of what we have suffered.

This is just one person’s story. Discrimination, injustice, assault, kidnap, forced conversion, torture and death is the reality for Christians across the Middle East.

With hundreds of thousands refugees and displaced Christians, they turn to the Church for shelter and aid.

Your help can continue to make a real difference, enabling ACN’s project partners to provide food, medicine and shelter. Through your support, ACN is able to provide pastoral and emergency aid for displaced families in the Middle East.

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