El Salvador: Serving with every fibre of their being

Mercy can be hard work.

The “Siervas de la Misericordia de Dios” (Servants of the Mercy of God) in the parishes of San Miguel and Osicala in San Salvador experience this on a daily basis.

Often the service they give seems quite simple, just listening, sharing sorrow, offering comfort, pointing to the hope of the Gospel.In reality this work of mercy involves every fibre of their being.

This parish belongs to the diocese in which the murdered Archbishop Romero was born, and many families here are still traumatised by the chaos and horrors of the civil war.

The eight sisters of the congregation have now rented a small house, so that they can be close to the people at all times.

They are asking our help to cover the cost of their electricity, water and telephone charges (3,400 dollars). Of course, their reward will be great in heaven, but for now the sisters are thinking first and foremost of their people in the parish, here and now, on the earth.