Livia’s trek to the base camp of Everest

Livia Tossici-Bolt is a physicist working as a clinical scientist in the NHS, parishioner in a Catholic Church in Bournemouth.

Livia became aware of Aid to the Church in Need through a presentation given in her Church and a booklet called “Mary Save Us”.

Since then, Livia has been a supporter of ACN for many years, getting involved with walks in London in support of Asia Bibi, alongside collecting signatures for the abolition of the Blasphemy law in Pakistan. Last year Livia combined her passion of mountains with fundraising when she pledged to recite the Our Father on each summit above 3,000 m in her trekking in the Italian Alps.

This year, Livia took her support and fundraising for Aid to the Church in Need to even greater heights by trekking to the Base Camp of Everest.  Whilst walking with her Nepalese Sherpa, praying his own prayers, Livia recited a decade of the rosary and the Our Father for our suffering brothers and sisters.

Livia reflected on the trek:

‘I kept in my heart the Christians suffering in Syria, and in Aleppo, in Iraq, in Pakistan, in Africa, in China, for Asia Bibi, for the abducted girls, for PEACE! The majesty and beauty of the mountains, a reflection of the majesty and beauty of their Creator, could lift the sorrow I felt for these people and give me hope. Sometimes I think how much stronger than me they are, keeping their hope alive, in the faith of Jesus’.

Livia’s dedication, work and thoughts are inspiring and reflect the generosity of our benefactors. If you have been motivated by Livia’s fantastic work, then you can help support persecuted Christians around the world, whether it be a hike, run, swim or a coffee morning.