Pakistan: Witness to a beautiful faith

Our people suffer. Life is not easy but it is beautiful because we are here to give witness to our faith.

After 35 years in Pakistan, Sr Daniela knows only too well the problems Christians and other minorities face, how they are verbally abused at school, denied jobs, put under pressure to convert to Islam and sometimes forced from their homes.

The 83-year-old Daughter of St Paul had to climb through the back window of her shop in Karachi to escape extremists angry at the crosses, statues, devotional music and other items she sells.

I have been threatened in our bookshop,” she said. “They came and stole our CDs, cassettes and other items. Fortunately our bishop intervened and we got our stuff back.

Because so many of our people are so poor, we sell some of our items, like the children’s colouring books, at just a few pence each which makes people very happy.

ACN provides a vehicle so Sr Daniela and other Sisters can visit parishioners scattered in distant regions and offer them catechesis, prayers, advice and a chance to talk.

“They are very glad to see us,” said Sr Daniela. “When we give them books and rosaries, they are overjoyed.”

Her courage and faith have inspired the small community of Sisters of whom she is superior, including novice Sisters Komal and Rukhsana.