UNITED KINGDOM: 70,000 decades prayed for peace

Milk cartons decorated by St Louise Primary School, East Kilbride (© St Louise Primary School).
Milk cartons decorated by St Louise Primary School, East Kilbride (© St Louise Primary School).

Young people across the UK are on course to complete more than 70,000 decades of the Rosary – all within a single week and each one a response to a Catholic charity’s appeal to pray for peace in our troubled world.

Aid to the Church in Need (ACN), a charity that supports persecuted Christians, began the Maisy Milk Rosary for Peace on Monday (10th May), when primary school children were invited to pray one decade of the Rosary each day for a week.

Speaking today, (Thursday, 13th May), the Feast of Our Lady of Fatima, Clair Sweeney, Schools and Events Coordinator for ACN in Scotland, said: “We would like to thank our schools in England, Scotland and Wales for helping us to beat our prayer target, with over 70,000 decades of the Rosary offered up for Peace in our world.

“Your prayers and support make such a difference to the communities ACN support. Our project partners always ask us to thank you for your prayers and share with you that they remember you in their prayers too.”

By Monday (10th May), more than 70,000 decades were registered, meaning ACN could double the 43,000 completed during last year’s Maisy Milk Rosary for Peace.

This year’s prayer intention is for Syrian families and Nigerian widows and orphans and the children are being encouraged to use empty milk cartons to collect money.

Mary Murphy, Deputy Head Teacher of Our Lady of the Annunciation Primary School, Glasgow, said: “We have found this campaign to be hugely beneficial as a school community as it has given us the opportunity to pray together, but also to join the Global Community in prayer, thereby giving us that sense of communion with the world.

“Having the Rosary donated by ACN has enabled everyone to take part, irrespective of their circumstances.”

In Nigeria, more than 15,000 children are without parents and more than 5,000 widows have lost their husbands to the  violent conflict linked to Boko Haram and other Islamist groups.

In Syria, 12 million people have been made homeless because of the civil war.

Mrs Murphy said: “We have also found that the Maisy Milk Rosary campaign has raised awareness of global issues with the children and enlightened them to difficulties in Syria and Nigeria.

“It has also empowered them to try to make an impact through prayer, as well as connecting them to the worldwide church.”