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For all who live in daily fear of their lives. Lord have mercy. Fill us all with love and compassion.


For channels of peace between all communities and faiths. And for the most vulnerable to be held in His hand and kept within our prayers.


Thank you for introducing Jesus to our community 60 years back. But then you went by bicycle for outreach,never come back.Hoping to meet you in eternity.

Hugh Thomas

For my darling husband who died on Christmas Eve. Suffered and died so unexpectedly. Forever in my heart.


To all who are suffering for their faith, may God give them strength and courage.

Suffering Christians

Foe suffering Christians in South East Asia and all over the world; God grant them peace.


Dear Lord please help the poor , homeless ,hungry and suffering. Let there be peace on this beautiful earth. Amen

For all the suffering and persecuted

For all the suffering and persecuted, especially our brother and sister Christians. Lord, in your mercy, please look after them and give them your love and grace. Sacred Heart of Jesus, have mercy on us.

Rhysa Daniel

Eternal rest be granted unto Rhysa O Lord. May perpetual light shine upon her. May she Rest In Peace. 💟 <><


O lord through your eyes of compaction on me and bless me financially amen

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