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In gratitude

A prayer, dear Lord, in gratitude for the wonderful gifts you have showered upon me - in gratitude for my lovely wife of some 52 years and our super family. My love and gratitude is beyond expression. Thank You, dear Lord.


Dear Mother, please pray to your Son for our dear friend Phil, who is due an operation very soon to remove a tumour. May it be a complete success, and may Phil and his family know the loving care of Jesus throughout. Thank you.


Thank You, thank You so much dear Lord for Your gentleness to me, for the wonderful way You lead me through life and through sickness. Help me always to know and trust Your guiding and healing presence in my life, dear Lord.

Safe delivery

Please pray for Devon and baby coyle for a safe and pain free delivery 🙏 may God bless them both Amen


God of Love, please protect all those currently under persecution. We pray for those in need. We hope those who need it receive medicine, food and clean water. We pray for those without shelter. We hope people have their needs met. Amen.


Please, please I am so overwhelmed by everything, I need prayers and guidance. Pray for good news soon.


i feel tired and depressed i need prayer


i feel tired and depressed i need prayer


Dear Mother Mary - please pray to your Son that if it is in accordance with His providential will our priest Fr. * will be able to remain with us here. He is doing such good, we think, and would be such a wonderful addition to the team. Thank you.

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