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YouCat Confirmation Handbook (for Catechists)

YOUCAT Confirmation Handbook (for Catechists)


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This handbook for Catechists covers twelve key Confirmation topics:

1. Getting Started
2. What We Can Know about God
3. Why the World Is Broken
4. Jesus—More than a Mere Man
5. Why Did Jesus Have to Die? 6. The Comeback of Jesus...or the Story of the Resurrection
7. In Search of the Holy Spirit 8. Prayer -Staying in Touch with the Living God 9. The Church - a Home for You and Me
10. Eucharist—the Generosity of God
11. Update! Confession!
12. What Happens in Confirmation?
Each topic has an introduction providing the theological background to the lesson followed by a choice of multi level lesson plans to suit the group’s age and ability – each accompanied with a summary of important theological points. A range of materials for each lesson is also available at the end of each chapter.
The text is thoroughly cross referenced to scripture and the YouCat Catechism itself. The Handbook provides catechists with a wealth of background information, ideas and supporting materials. It can be used alongside the Bible and the YouCat Youth Catechism to create an exciting and comprehensive confirmation course.

Paperback: 104 pages
29.5cm x 21cm (11½" x 8¼")