Prepare your students for #RedWednesday (22nd November 2023) with this brand-new assembly presentation. This personal invitation from ACN to each member of your community will help your students understand why religious freedom is an inalienable human right.

Margaret Attah’s experience of religiously motivated violence is explored, and her faith and courage in the midst of such cruelty serve as a reminder to all not to be complacent about the freedoms we enjoy. Including videos, photographs and thoughtful questions, this resource explains not just how but why ‘Breaking the Silence’ is necessary.

With slide-by-slide explanations, the Supporting Notes give detailed instructions to enable this presentation to be completely student-led.

The second presentation (Part 2), shows four ACN projects in Africa. This will help your students understand ACN’s work and allow them to more fully grasp how their fundraising becomes a lifeline for others.