Be a Gift this Advent

Help children explore scripture in relation to Advent and use it to prepare personal actions with ACN.

Schools, parishes and families are invited to use this suite of materials to support teaching about Advent across the primary age range and to prepare the community for engagement with the season. Explore scripture in relation to Advent and use it to assist children in developing their relationship with God and their natural desire to help others.

Demonstrate the joy of Advent by showing how the signs, symbols and liturgical practices of the Church during the Season of Advent can aid children’s personal perception, understanding of CST and engagement with the work of ACN in the Middle East supporting Christians and building the foundations for peace.

The materials are designed to support other curriculum materials that you may be using and can be dipped into at relevant points. These resources form a learning sequence over time which you may decide to split into several different lessons or group sessions. They also include a series of weekly liturgies that can be used alongside the learning sequence or on their own.

Watch & download these resources below: