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Light a candle to remember those in need of our prayers.

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All people who are suffering

O loving God all powerful and compassionate, let your peace and mercy pour out upon all those suffering. May your infinite love change the hearts of all who are consumed by hatred and violence.

For Peace

For all those whose lives are tormented by injustice, cruelty, warfare and displacement, that their lives may once again know peace.

Rebecca Goodlad

For all the persecuted and innocent victims of the warfare in Syria. May the Saints in Heaven of Syria and the guardian angels of Syria pray unceasingly for peace and the consecration of the nation to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

Peace for Syrian Christians

Almighty Father, hear our prayers for all those who are still suffering in Syria and the rest of the Middle East. Bring protection, peace and harmony to them this day. AMEN

Peace for Syria

The children and families of Syria. And all Christians and other religions suffering persecution in Syria. Help them to be strengthened by our Lord Jesus Christ.

For peace in the Middle East

Offering up this candle of prayer for all my brothers and sisters in the Middle East who are being persecuted for their faith. I pray that may God give you all the strength to keep fighting the good fight. May God bless you and relieve the suffering.

For persecuted Christians across the world

Lord Jesus, You have called us all to proclaim Your Gospel to all people. Have mercy on our persecuted brothers and sisters. Be with them especially in these trying moments. With Mary, we pray. Amen.

Peace in Syria

Dear Lord, Father of all, please soften the hard hearts of men. Bring compassion and peace to Syria . May the Holy Spirit guide all Men and Women in positions of power.

Andrew Brydon

To my son 42 years old who is having treatment for cancer and for all people with cancer. May the Lord bless and heal them through the ministry of the medical professionals. May He come to the aid of my persecuted brothers & sisters around the world.

Peace in Syria and around the World

Praying for Christ’s peace and protection for all Christians and others suffering in the conflicts in Syria and elsewhere and, on the feast of St Paul, for the conversion of the hearts and minds of those who perpetrate and perpetuate this violence.

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