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Light a candle to remember those in need of our prayers.

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Prayer for Peace

That the Holy Spirit may find a way of reaching the hearts of men of all faiths and replace acts of hatred into acts of peace so that all may live in peace and harmony.

For peace in Syria

For the true peace of Christ in Syria and especially for persecuted Christians. May the Holy Family be present.

Prayer for peace

For all persecuted Christians especially those currently suffering in Syria. May a way be found to a just and lasting peace.

Peace, comfort & protection

I ask our Lord to provide peach, comfort, protection, shelter and greatr hope for the suffering people of Syria, Christian and otherwise. In Jesus' name, I ask that He make His presence and love felt in all their lives, especially in times of need.

Prayer for Peace

I beg our Lord to help and comfort the suffering people of Syria, Christian and otherwise. May He make His Presence felt by them in their pain.


Lord- protect and keep safe our Christian brothers and sisters in Syria currently at risk through Turkish military action. May they be reassured of our prayers


Peace in Syria, Iraq, Chad basin, Congo basin, South Sudan and where Christians are oppressed


All who are enduring military attack,fear, hunger, homelessness. that they may continue to hope, and that they may receive the help they need.

Candle of peace

For all the people in Syria which are threatened by violence, uncertainty and fear.

for all people of faith in Syria

I pray for all who suffer uncertainty, violence and persecution. May the Lord grant them courage and consolation. May he show us all how to live as brothers and sisters.

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