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Favourite Catholic Hymns Vol.2


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This second volume of Favourite Catholic Hymns, sung by Brentwood Cathedral Choir, is a companion piece to volume 1, featuring the Choirs of the Diocese of Leeds . In addition to well-loved hymns there are two contemporary liturgical pieces and two further plain song melodies, Vexilla Regis and Salve Regina.

1. My God, accept my heart this day (2.45)
2. Lord, accept the gifts we offer (1.53)
3. Holy God, we praise thy name (3.02)
4. O purest of creatures (2.27)
5. Hear thy children, gentle Jesus (2.05)
6. All people that on earth do dwell (4.40)
7. Abide with me (4.16)
8. I'll sing a hymn to Mary (3.00)
9. Blest are the pure in heart (1.57)
10. O come, O come, Emmanuel (3.55)
11 Vexilla Regis (3.13)
12. Hail! Redeemer ( 2.43)
13. Praise, my souls, the King of Heaven (2.43)
14. St Patrick's Breastplate (3.26)
15. Jesus! Thou are coming ( 3.54)
16. Let all mortal flesh keep silence (3.18)
17. Because the Lord is my Shepherd (3.19)
18. The King of love (4.09)
19. Praise to the Lord, the Almighty (3.51)
20. I heard the voice of Jesus say ( 3.23)
21. Lead us, heavenly Father, lead us ( 2.01)
22. O Godhead Hid ( 3.37)
23. O Salutaris (1.24)
24. O Jesus Christ, remember (2.20)
25. Salve Regina (1.44)
26.Praise to the Holiest in the height (4.33

CD; Running time: 53.40 mins

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