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Missa Videte Miraculum


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James O'Donnell (conductor/organ) and the Westminster Abbey singers show great skill in the handling of the intricacies of the Videte Mass, with its ecstatic running exchanges at Domine Deus in the Gloria and the ethereal visions of Agnus Dei. The finest singing on this disc however, is undoubtedly Ave Maria, ancilla Trinitatis: an exceptional work and a superb performance.
at Lady Mass on Tuesdays (Feria iii)
Ninefold Kyrie
1. Anonymous - Renaissance English organ solo [0'32]
2. Kyrie: Ludford [0'27] Greek/English
3. Kyrie: Anonymous - Renaissance organ solo [0'30]
4. Christe: Ludford [0'30] Greek/English
5. Christe: Christian Wilson (b1980) organ solo [0'39]
6. Christe: Ludford [0'30] Greek/English
7. Kyrie: Magnus Williamson (b1967) organ solo [0'25]
8. Kyrie: Ludford [0'34] Greek/English
9. Kyrie: Magnus Williamson organ solo [0'34]

Alleluia. Ora pro nobis [3'31]
10. Alleluia [1'10] Latin/English
11. Ora pro nobis, pia virgo Maria [1'01] Latin/English
12. Ora. Alleluia [1'18 ]Latin/English

at Lady Mass on Thursdays (Feria v)
Hac clara die turma [6'13]
13. Hac clara die turma [0'47] Latin/English
14.Salutis causa, vitae porta [0'40] Latin/English
15. Ave Maria, gratia Dei [0'44] Latin/English
16. Virgo et gravida mater intacta [0'37] Latin/English
17. In me quomodo [1'01] Latin/English
18. Ex quo atque nata sum incorrupta [0'26] Latin/English
19. Flatu sacro plena [1'08] Latin/English
20. Intra tui uteri claustra portans [0'46] Latin/English

Ave Maria, ancilla Trinitatis [12'02] English
21. Ave Maria, ancilla Trinitatis [4'23 ]Latin/English
22. Ave Maria, doctrix apostolorum [5'48] Latin/English
23. Et impetra nobis omnium [1'51 ]Latin/English

Missa Videte miraculum [36'06] English
Gloria [9'26]
24. Gloria in excelsis Deo [2'51] Latin/English
25. Domine Deus, Agnus Dei [1'22] Latin/English
26. Qui tollis peccata mundi, miserere [5'11] Latin/English

Credo [10'46]
27. Credo in unum Deum [0'40 ] Latin/English
28. Visibilium omnium [3'18] Latin/English
29. Et incarnatus est [1'41] Latin/English
30. Crucifixus etiam pro nobis [1'11] Latin/English
31. Et resurrexit tertia die [3'55] Latin/English

Sanctus [5'05]
32. Sanctus, sanctus, sanctus [2'05] Latin/English
33. Pleni sunt caeli [2'00 ]Latin/English
34. Osanna in excelsis [0'59] Latin/English

Benedictus [4'40]
35. Benedictus qui venit [3'19 ]Latin/English
36. Osanna in excelsis [1'21] Latin/English

Agnus Dei [6'05]
37. Agnus Dei I [1'53] Latin/English
38. Agnus Dei II [1'46 ]Latin/English
39. Agnus Dei III [2'25 ]Latin/English

CD; Running time: 62:18


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