Nigeria: A minibus for a work of mercy

The women catechists of Jos, in Nigeria, do wonderful missionary work. Travelling on dirt tracks and bumpy roads, they bring the Word of God and practical help to the local people.

10 years ago we helped them by funding a pickup truck. But now this is becoming old and unreliable, and in any case, it can only carry five people. Not enough to bring the ladies from 43 different parishes to the catechists‘ training centre near Jos, where they complete a training programme over the course of two years.

What they need is a sturdy minibus that can carry 30 people.

It is by no means cheap, locally, but the heavy import duties in the port of Lagos would make it still more costly to import. Bishop Kaigama has already emptied his coffers for this.

He sets great store by this centre for female catechists, for it is a beacon of female dignity – above all in a region where Islamists are trying to tread this very dignity underfoot.