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For the success of his treatment and return to health.


Please, dear Mummy Mary - I need to choose one simple word to use mindfully as an anchor in Christian Contemplative Prayer . What word should I choose, Mummy? Please help. Please ask Your Son. What word should it be? Thank you, dear Mummy.

Roger and Christine

Please, dear Mother. Please pray to your Son for them. They really need help. Thank you, dear Mother.

María Rosa

Dear Lord, I pray to you for my friend María Rosa. Grant her happiness, give her strength and guide her in way through life. Amen


For an end to the terror and violence against Christians in Pakistan.

Rani and John

Abba Father, please continue your guidance in our life together and also in my project for its excellent completion and get back to a paid job as early as possible.

Bryan Williams

Dear Mother Mary - on this your day and BW's funeral please pray to your Son for the repose of the soul of Bryan Williams and peace for all those who knew and loved him. Thank you, dear Mother.

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