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Uncle Bob RIP

Dear Mother Mary - please pray for the repose of the soul of Sharon's Uncle Bob, who died today. Thank you so much, Mother.

Brenda Kelly

Please pray that I am cured from this terrible cancer, let the chemo and prayers work, through our lord and saints Amen

Lee Ji Han, Souls of all dead.

I pray for the souls of 24 year old korean celebrity Lee Ji Han and all the other people who passed away during the seoul, Itaewon stampede Tragedy that occured on October 29-30 KST. I also pray for the cable bridge tragedy victims of Gujarat, India.


Dear Mother - please pray to your Son for Tony, diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer. May Tony have peace, Mother, and if it is possible may this cup pass from him. Thank you, dear Mother.

Peace of mind for all my family.

Dear Lord please grant Antony Juliet Alysha Jamie Reuben Tony and Chris peace of mind happiness success good health strength courage tenacity integrity love. Please watch over and bless them all. Thank you dear Lord


Oh dear Mother Mary, please pray to your Son for all the children who have been killed, injured or traumatised by the war in Ukraine (by all wars!). Bless them, bless their dear sweet hearts Mother. Thank you.

Richard, and Fernando

Dear Mother - please pray to your Son for Richard, that his eye operations and treatment will be over soon and completely successful. And pray also for Fernando, that his housing problems will soon be happily solved and over. Thank you, dear Mother.


For the repose of the soul of Charlie Davies. A sweet man - may he rest in blessed peace.


Dear Mother - please pray to your Son for Vladimir Putin. He has the choice of life or death, acts of terrifying destruction or redeeming acts of peace. Please, dear Mother, pray for him and for the Russian and the Ukrainian people. Thank you.

Holy spirit

To be filled with the HOLY SPIRIT TO GET INNER HEALING TO BE compassionate &FORGIVING, TO TREAT INFERTILE and give them result


Dear Mother - please pray for Tony that he may have peace of mind with a biopsy for cancer. And please pray to your Son that if it is his will, all may be well. And if all is not well, Tony may be peaceful, relaxed and free from suffering. Thank you.

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