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Dear Lord, Grant him a successful outcome to his treatment and restore him good health. We pray too for his wife and family.


Dear Mother - please pray for Nick and Anne, that any operation Nick needs will be a complete success and they will feel the peaceful presence of your Son in all these sufferings. Thank you, dear Mother.


Lord grant Stephen healing. Comfort and support his wife and family in their anxiety and distress.


Lord help and support John, ease his pain, give courage to his wife and family.


Abba Father, Thank you for all the miracles you have already blessed your daughter with! Thank you for our faith in You! Thank you for that position you are blessing her with! Thank you for the admission at that university! Amen!

Victims of violence

Lord hear the cries of victims of war and violene everywhere. Grant them the peace and practical aid they urgently need.


Lord help and comfort him as his cancer grows worse. May he find the care he needs.

for Khalil

Abba, Lord God of Hosts, Thank you for being with Khalil every day of his life! Thank you for being his rock ans his salvation! Thank you for all the previous victories and for the success of tomorrow's screening! Jesus Name, Amen!


Lord grant that K will accept medication and help offered and be healed.

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