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Gentle Mother Mary, please pray for my dear brother Gerry on his birthday (6th April), for his health and happiness and his growing closeness to your Son, Our Lord. Thank you, blessed Mother.


Please God, take care of him and his parents. Be their rock, grant them peace and strength in this time of trial, so that they may feel your presence and find light in the end.

The Great Teacher

For AT so that he may come through his ailments and continue his great talents as an artist and a teacher of Art. Our Lady of Walsingham, pray for AT and pray for us. Amen

Victoria and Albert Museum

For A who loves the V&A Museum but who is now is in great pain and needs much medication as she has cancer. Holy Mother of Lourdes, Our Lady Health of the Sick please pray for her in her suffering and pain. Sacred Heart of Jesus please help A.

Tracy’s Mother

Eternal rest grant unto her O Lord and let the perpetual light shine upon her. May she rest in peace. Amen. We also lift up Tracy and her family at this difficult time. Amen


Father, Spirit, Son, we lift up Dana in her illness. We pray for healing in body and mind. May she trust in your grace and mercy always. Amen.


For recovery of her illness and for peace and healing of body and spirit.

Peter Healion

Peter lost his fight against cancer 15th March at 3pm. He will be sorely missed, by his mother, siblings other family members and friends. May he rest in peace, pain free.

Ukrainian refugees

Dear Mother - please pray to your Son that if He is willing and it would be a good idea, our family may be able to offer accommodation for Ukrainian refugee(s). And by His grace may this terrible offence of war cease. Lord have mercy!


Deus exhaudi orationem meam; auribus percipe verba oris mei O God, hear my prayer; and give ear to the words of my mouth

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