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Malcolm Davey

He was taken so quickly that, whilst his suffering was brought to an end, we did not say goodbye. Perhaps that is because we shall meet again, my friend?

Peace and Love

To all my brothers and sisters and elderly and children in everywhere in the world where there is fear hunger thirst violence and terrorism towards them. Please precious lord comfort them and keep them safe in your arms and may we never forget them

Peace Nigeria

For peace in the country, Defeat of terror. God's reign to be established. In Jesus Name. Amen


For all those living in fear and suffering as a result of violence


For all who suffer for their faith, who do not enjoy the freedom I take for granted. May the good Lord protect them from intolerance and persecution

*B.E.L.I.E.F.S. from P.U.S.H.ES.!*

*BECAUSE EMMANUEL LIVES, I EXPECT FAVORS SPIRITUALLY-SUDDENLY from PRAYING UNTIL SOMETHING HAPPENS EXTRAORDINARILY SPIRITUAL!*:cure, healing, recovery for my mere being, sheer existence(2)full x employment(3)financial MIRACULOUS BLESSING by 2-23-19;

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