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Thank you Lord God for your mercy!

Dear Lord God, Jehovah Jirah, Thank you for Your mercy that you shown to us by the death of Your Son Jesus on the Cross and His blessed resurrection. Thank you for the doors you have already opened for me, Debora and Khalil. Thank you for my job

Olha and family

Oh dear, dear Mother, blessed Virgin - please pray fervently to your Son for Olha, Oleks and Vadym, that all problems or obstacles will be avoided and they will quickly get their visas to come to this country and get here safely and very soon. Thanks

Mothers and Wives

To all the mothers and wives that have kept our families and homes together throughout COVID-19. They have been strong and caring for their loved ones and their families and acted as Mary the Mother of God would have acted.

Leona and Blaine

Dear Lord, bless them on their wedding day, keep them in your love and protection.


Dear God I pray that you are able to give a miracle to Rosa in this time of critical sickness. Look over her and her beautiful family especially Sonia

Trevor Huston

Praying to Almighty God that my brother Trevor will be sustained by his faith. He has been diagnosed with terminal cancer and is quite poorly. I love him so much.


God thank you for the wonderful woman this Mum was. We thank you for the strength, wisdom, courage and life lessons she taught. Father God, thank you for this beautiful soul May she live forever with you. Amen

Richard Shipley

Please pray for Richard Shipley’s soul as he receives his funeral rites and Committal on Thursday 21st April, have mercy on all the Holy Souls awaiting glory and strengthen Richard’s young widow and children, we feel lost and broken without him.


Dear Lord and dear mother of God, I pray to you for Ismael, so that his temperature may come down and the surgical operations may continue as scheduled, especially the one programmed for Monday. Thank you very much for all the favours received.


Dear Lord, I commend Ismael to you, so that tomorrow's operation goes well. I also commend his parents and granny, so that they may find comfort in You in this difficult time.

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