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For cleae test results today, please Lord.


Praying for the poor to get some thing to eat

Holy Mother Mary

please bless me and my family in protection, healing, and a sign of hope, Amen


Dear Mother - please pray to your Son for Christine who has just been taken to hospital with a serious stroke. Pray also for Roger and all their dear family. Mother, dear Lord, they really need to fel Your presence with them now. Thank You.

eric lloyd -colonoscopy- soulmate

please let them find out why left side abodomen is hurting during my colonscopy and that i will not pass out during the colon prep grant me this favor i seek in jesus name amen, allow me to start having fun allow me to date

John Duncombe

Please pray for John Duncombe. Now deceased but a loving father.


Lord, I trust you, for Khalil's future. In Jesus name Amen!

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