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Special Intentions

For all of Shari Krauser's spiritual and temporal needs, for her protection, healing, and deliverance, and that she be now and always powerfully graced with the gifts of all heavenly virtues, especially wisdom, fortitude, peace, joy, and perseverance

Joy and Ernie Walters

Thank you my beautiful precious Mum and Dad for everything you did for me throughout my life, I know I lost you too early in my life Dad but thanks for the beautiful life you did give me and for you my beautiful Mum you carried on that great work.

M and D

For the success of M's treatment and a return to health; for help and comfort for D at this time of need.


For pain relief and healing of injury and support with the many other challenges in her life.


For support in a challenging job,


For her well being and intentions.

For Khalil and Debora

Abba, thank you for all four blessings in our lives. Thank you for the doors you will continue to open for us. Thank you for shining Your Glory in our lives. Thank you for turning all obstacles into great blessings in our path. In Jesus name! Amen!


Please pray for Elliott, who has just died aged 5. Pray for him, but particularly for his parents and all who knew and loved him. May they have peace, dear Lord. Thank you.

For melody

Melody is a lovely friend and she deserves this prayer candle a lot :)) she has always been there for me

my sister

i love my sister she is always there for me and i wouldn’t change her for the world. She is the reason why i love life and why i have motivation to keep on going

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