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May the Holy Spirit guide us And give us Courage To Love One Another As Sisters and Brothers. Working together and helping each other, Forgiving as we are well Loved. May we continue to Encourage each other to Persevere in Hope, Love,Peace and

Protect them and strengthen them Lord

Lord Jesus, I pray for your suffering church in Nigeria and throughout the world. Watch over John, Catherine, Leah and Father Yeyock. Change the hearts of their persecutors, and lead them to you. Amen.

Catherine Ibrahim

Prayer for all those who have suffered the loss of a loved one and the loss of children


You are in my mind and heart . You are not alone . I pray with you .


To my late wife, the mother of my children, pray for us and all our friends and relatives and Christians facing danger at this time. Amen


For baby Valeria + her father Oscar, baby Alan, Filipe, Abbie McLaren, Sonny Law, Michael, Shukri Abdi, Caden, baby in critical condition after mother stabbed to death when 8 mnths pregnant + baby hit in eye by golf ball.+ all children who suffer. TY


For Catherine Ibraham, Leah Sharibu, John Abba + Father Yeyock, to ask Our Lady + babe Jesus of Perpetual Succour to comfort + lead them to her Son's Devine Mercy. Please Jesus bring your Devine Mercy into their + all lives who suffer for their Faith

Christian hostages

For Leah Sharibu and others like her. May God give them strength and freedom.


For Leah Sharibu and others like her. May God give them strength and freedom.

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