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Light a candle to remember those in need of our prayers.

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Rest in Peace

Our Parents x Our Grandparents x Our deceased aunts & uncles of many generations, cousins and brother John x Deceased members of our family long passed away and never remembered by name x The forgotten souls who need one last prayer for mercy x


My friend ran away from home and is now "one of those homeless people" I'm sure. Please watch over him. He, and all the others, are still beloved children of God.

Not an ideal relationship

Dear Lord, I had another nightmare. My friend is so in love with his girl he doesn’t see how toxic she can be. But I do, and I feel like I can't say anything. God, please open his eyes. Please show him we love him and will help him.


Praying for world peace

Good luck

To always have good luck on me and my loved ones.


To defeat them all in the name of jesus


To stop things messing with my loved ones I arrest them in the name of Jesus.


For my benefits to be safe and secure for my mental illness and amputated foot so I don't get forced to work because that will be a big problem. To stop people messing with my money and Great Britain I arrest them in the name of Jesus.


To place a cross over all the seeds etc

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