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For the repose of the soul of Charlie Davies. A sweet man - may he rest in blessed peace.


Dear Mother - please pray to your Son for Vladimir Putin. He has the choice of life or death, acts of terrifying destruction or redeeming acts of peace. Please, dear Mother, pray for him and for the Russian and the Ukrainian people. Thank you.

Holy spirit

To be filled with the HOLY SPIRIT TO GET INNER HEALING TO BE compassionate &FORGIVING, TO TREAT INFERTILE and give them result


Dear Mother - please pray for Tony that he may have peace of mind with a biopsy for cancer. And please pray to your Son that if it is his will, all may be well. And if all is not well, Tony may be peaceful, relaxed and free from suffering. Thank you.

refugees and migrants everywhere

Lord God, help us to remember those who tonight will go to sleep unfed and unwelcome, strangers in foreign lands, people who have fled for their lives and are far from their homes.


With prayers for the success of his hospital treatment and a speedy return to health.

Olha, Alex and Vadym

Oh thank you, thank you, thank you dear Mother for your prayers and dear Lord for Your compassion. Olha, Alex and Vadym have reached this country from Ukraine and their new house. Bless them! Everything went wonderfully well. Thank you!


Please, dear Mother, pray for the repose of the soul of our friend Babs, and peace for her husband Derek and all who knew and loved her. Thank you, Mother.

Anthony and family

Lord help Anthony and family as they wait many months for an assessment for autism. Soothe his parents' anxieties, they already have difficulties to face.

Elderly family

For Harry and Babs. Lord ease the pain and confusion of their very old age, support and bless those who look after them devotedly. Grant strength and blessings to all carers everywhere.

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