Prayer Candles

Light a candle to remember those in need of our prayers.

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For the good care of Mary till she dies.


For the good health of Leela and finding a strong support of her family members and the completion of her house building.


Please pray for the speedy recovery of John and his continued health.

Edward Dyer

In memory of my wonderful father who was a lifelong supporter of ACN. I pray for all the persecuted clergy and people in all areas of the world. May our prayers be answered and peace, love and equality for all may flourish. Amen

For The Suffering Church

For all who are members of The One, Holy and Catholic Church, who are suffering and/or are being persecuted. May they know the presence of The Holy Spirit and thatv they are not alone,

Magdalene ( myself)

Lord help me pass my interview tomorrow the 10/3 at 15-16 hours .Let all what the panned will ask me be I let what I know and pass. Give us a heart to give others and forgive them. Amen

Querido avô Joaquim dos Santos Costa

I want to light this candle in memory of my grandfather, who died 1 year ago.Avô Quim, you will always be my dearest second father on earth, I am grateful for everything. I love you and will always love, eternally. May your soul guide me through life

Christians of Iraq

May God give them courage and strength. May Pope Francis' visit inspire them with hope, in the knowledge that they are not alone


Please, please dear Mother Mary, pray for Phyllis. She has had a stroke, and now a suspected second one. Please pray that she may soon be completely healed, in whatever way our blessed Lord knows will be best for her. Thank you, dear Mother.

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