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For all oppressed and persecuted Christians

May God Jesus Christ and Our Lady together with the Archangel St Michael protect and help each of our brothers and sisters in Christ who are oppressed and persecuted each and every day because of their faith. We send you our Prayers and our Love.


Dear Lord thank you for all your blessings. Please let my chaachu be ok. Please let him contact me in the morning i beg you as i am worried. Please dont let him be angry or upset with me. Please let him contact me. Let him know i love him. Amen


For our beloved mum on her 6th anniversary. Eternal rest grant to her, Lord.

Health and Job

Please pray for the good health of Rani and John. Please also pray for God's guidance for Rani in her preparation to get back to Job.

Prayers for me

That Brother Alex Chung, MIC becomes and remains a good, holy, and faithful Priest with the Marian Fathers of the Immaculate Conception of the Most Blessed Virgin Mary very soon.

Transformation for me

That Brother Alex Chung, MIC be graced with the gifts of ceaseless and final perseverance now and forever, so he may live his faith with humble confidence, trust, and joy, so that the Light of Christ shine through him to touch many others.


For the complete healing of Linda Kratka, Maureen Amirault, Mario Costanza, and Caroline Marie Gavin, and for all of their spiritual and temporal needs.

All Saved

That all Guardian Angels bring all people into the heart of Mother Mary, now and forever, so that all people be saved and become a new creation in Christ, so that they already live heaven on earth now and forever.

Immaculate Heart of Mary

That many more people consecrate themselves to the Blessed Virgin Mary and that all who are consecrated to Mother Mary be eternally saved, and become Jesus’ perpetual and unfailing light, so that Satan be rebuked from the face of the earth.

Special Intentions

1. For the repose of the soul of Rachael Schopp. May she now be with St. Therese The Little Flower, and for the repose of the souls of Fathers George Kosicki, CSB, Joseph Kane, OMI, Fernando Suarez, Larry Dunn, MIC, and Peter Rookey, OSM.

Patrick Colm Smyth

Who died 2nd June 2020, fortified by the rites of the Catholic Church. Deo gratias. My husband of 58 years.

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