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The light of life

Thank you Dear Lord for the gift of Brother Sun, Sister Moon, Mother Nature, and all creation. Bless and protect us all Lord as we pray for the conversion of sinners. Love is a gift to share Lord so help us reach out to our dear brothers and sisters

Michael Charles Austin

Please God bring my Michael home to the church. Resolve his health and finances too. Jesus Mary and Joseph I am begging you.

Terence John Morse

In my heart forever. My soul cry for you every day may lord give you everything receive love of god my love. Wherever you are remember someone loves you more than anyone has love anything. Stay blessed


Lord God, Please send aid quickly to Syria as people are in great need. This poor torn apart country is pleading to the world for help. Dear God, please send help for non -Christians and Christians alike.


In loving memory of mum Mavis, who passed away February 2022, that she may rest in peace as she awaits eternal glory.


For dad who passed away 19/10/2010, for eternal rest and peace and salvation with our Lord.

Earthquake victims

Of course, what can we do but pray and donate. Dear Mother Mary - please! Please. And show us what more we can do to help. Especially, those in Syria at this time. Help.

Terence John Morse

May lords help you stay blessed thank you forever for everything my heart bleeds and pray for your soul peace joy happiness I wish you best of all above all beyond imagination lord help you

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