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To ask Jesus, the Devine Mercy, to help all peoples throughout the world, who are suffering persecution for their faith. To also ask Jesus to please help those who have lit candles for their intentions on the ACN website


To ask the Jesus, the Devine Mercy, that whilst schools are closed in the UK, to help the government & charities provide meals for those children who normally have free school dinners. To also help those who have difficulty finding food in general.


For all those struggling to come to terms with the challenges of life at this momentous time, may they find peace of mind and body through communion with the church


For the gift of the Holy Spirit in the U.K.


For the good health of John


For my good health, continued progress in my preparation for job and get back to job.


For my brother & his wife & children. For my extended family & all who I know. To keep them close to Jesus in these terrible times, & to pray. For all the world, & for all the other peoples' candle intentions, & also all the Mass intentions as well.


To ask Jesus as the Devine Mercy to bring his Devine Mercy Chaplet to the whole world, so that we might pray for His daily pray intention, and also pray for deliverance from the Coronavirus.


To ask Jesus, the Devine Mercy, to please have mercy on, & help all peoples of the world as we struggle with the Coronavirus. If it be your will Jesus, please help us fnd a cure.


God Bless you Agnes may you rest in peace. Amen


For all health workers and care workers who risk their lives so that others might live. God Bless you all and thank you. Have Faith, God is with you always.

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