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For all who have died & those who are being persecuted for their Christian Faith in Nigeria & in all countries mentioned on the ACN website, and throughout the world. For all their families & loved ones.


For.all who died as a result of the explosion in Beirut & all their families & loved ones, and those who are helping.


For all who died as a result of the atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima & Nagasaki on 6 August 1945.


I offer this candle for Chritian families persecuted in Pakistan. May God help them, bless them and save them.


This is for Jeff who was just in a car accident


For the success in her exams and for the right direction in her life.

Thomas Kinsey

For the eternal repose of Thomas and our thanksgiving for the many blessings we received through his life on earth.


Dear Lord, Calm John's pain and fear, grant him healing and restoration of his health and independence after his accident.

Terence John Morse Stanley and Margret Morse

For the Reposed soul of Terence John Morse along with his parents. May lord open his doors in heaven for you and bless you with eternal happiness and peace. I bless you and thank you from bottom of my heart and soul.

Judith Tiddeman

Praying that my mother, Judith, (86 & has dementia) will quickly recover from her infection and start to eat & drink properly again & will not need to go to hospital. Please ask God to keep her in His love Amen

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