Primary: ACN & Catholic Social Teaching

CST – Preferential Option for the Poor Click above for Canva link for whole presentation or below for PowerPoints separated onto four parts.

This resource is the first of a series of six presentations (to be released on a half-termly basis) which has been created to support schools in developing pupils’ knowledge and understanding of Catholic Social Teaching (CST) as outlined in the revised RED, ‘To Know You More Clearly’.

The presentation begins with a brief overview of CST and subsequently focuses on the ‘Preferential Option for the Poor’.

The presentation has been designed/structured so that the various components can be delivered as a whole, or different elements can be incorporated into different lessons/assemblies with a CST focus, particularly in the relation to the ‘Preferential Option for the Poor’.

Each session will show how ACN lives out CST with real life examples of projects around the world.

The other presentations in the series will be as follows:

  • Spring 1: Solidarity and Peace
  • Spring 2: Community and Participation
  • Summer 1: The Dignity of Workers
  • Summer 2: Human Dignity
  • Autumn 1: Care of Creation

We hope that you and your pupils find this resource both engaging and informative as we celebrate the Church’s ‘best kept secret’.